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Department of Forestry


Dr. Amarendra Nath Dey
E-mail: amarendra_dey@rediffmail.com, amarendra.ubkv@gmail.com,amarendra@ubkv.ac.in
Mobile: +919434191333
 Dr. Amarendra Nath Dey


The Department of Forestry as an academic department under Faculty of Horticulture started with the inception of UBKV as an agricultural university from 1st February 2001 however it became fully operational from 26th August 2002. The department caters an agroforestry and environment course for UG. Master’s degree in Forestry started during September, 2004 while the doctoral degree in Forestry was initiated during December, 2006.

Faculty and Staff members of the Department  

Dr. Sumit ChakrabartyProf. Sumit Chakravarty 

E-mail: c_drsumit@yahoo.com; c.drsumit@gmail.com

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Dr. Amarendra Nath Dey

Dr. Amarendra Nath Dey 
E-mail: amarendra_dey@rediffmail.com, amarendra.ubkv@gmail.com

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Dr. Gopal Shukla Dr. Gopal Shukla 
E-mail: gopalshukla12@gmail.com

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Dr. Nazir A. PalaDr. Nazir  A. Pala
E-mail: nazirpaul@gmail.com

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Ms. Vineeta Ms. Vineeta 
E-mail: babra.vini@gmail.com

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